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I'm an avid gamer and have been my whole life. When I was a child my parents got me my first gaming console--the N64-- when I was 4 years old. I fondly remember playing the Legend of Zelda: the Ocarina of Time, with my father in the room to read the subtitle text because I wasn't yet old enough to read. In fact, my parents and I joke that the only reason I learned how to read was so that I could play video games without needing them in the same room as me (story line was very important to me as a child, I HAD to know what every character was saying and what was going on.)

As I grew older my passion as a gamer grew as well. I would wake up an hour early for school just to work on a new map I was creating for Time Splitters 2 on the PS2. I owned, thanks to my wonderfully generous parents, both generations of Xbox and a live subscription starting about a year after Xbox Live was first introduced. My father--self-employed and also a gamer--and I would spend hours in the afternoon playing Xbox live and interacting with the community (although he would never let me wear the headset because he thought the language was too vulgar for a 13 year old.) We made friends playing SplinterCell: Pandora Tomorrow, Topspin, and Phantom Dust. My father even convinced my uncle to get an Xbox and I fondly remember staying up far past my 'bedtime' to play with them.

I have since switched to PC games when I built my own computer. I play nightly with RL friends as well as those we meet online. My spare time is split across multiple games and genres--SC2, League of Legends, BF3, Heroes of Newerth, Dota2, and a whole steam library which I play regularly. I'm no where near the best or most competitive player but I value the interaction with friends and the camaraderie that every video game player knows all too well.
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