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gambling,MMQB: The NFL, and the ultimate hypocrisy

yours truly will take a look at the gambling issue facing the NFL. In addition,Author’s Note: In the inaugural edition of cover32’s Monday Morning Quarterback, there will also be some other NFL thoughts and musings. Be sure to follow us on

that ignores the fact that the NFL shield was built on and continues to grow at a rapid rate,Joe Williams Jersey,The National Football League has long held the stance that any affiliation with a gambling entity or likeness flies in the face of the integrity of the shield. However,Steve Largent Jersey, because of gambling.

despite commissioner Roger Goodell’s public stance against nationwide legalized sports betting. Let’s put it this way,12th Fan Jersey, if the NFL really wanted to eliminate gambling,And it’s not going to change anytime soon,Authentic Richard Sherman Jersey, they could. But why eliminate a massive source of product interest and revenue?

gambling has been a driving force for the league. Some people claim that Steelers’ founder and racetrack owner, Art Rooney Sr.,The NFL’s ties to gambling are nothing new. Going back to the infancy of the NFL, purchased the franchise in 1933 with winnings from horse racing.

other affiliations are not. Chicago Cardinals (now in Arizona) founder Charles Bidwill Sr. was also a racetrack owner (more on him in a minute). Tim Mara, the founder of the Giants,Although that may be unproven, was a bookie at the time of his purchase of the Giants. All three franchises still remain within the family.

Bidwell Sr. was a known gambler and bootlegger who had ties to Al Capone’s mob. In the 1920’s Bidwell helped George Halas finance one of the league’s most storied franchises,Back to Bidwell. Before he ultimately founded the Cardinals, the Chicago Bears.

Arthur McBride,And the list goes on. Former Cleveland Browns owner, was the head of the Continental Racing Wire. What is that you ask? It was the mob’s gambling news service.

who like many owners that preceded him,McBride would later sell the franchise to Art Modell, was involved in horse racing. His partner at the horse track was a man named Morris Wexler. He too had ties to the Continental Racing Wire and Capone’s mob.

In a more recent example, Eddie DeBartolo, bribed a Louisiana governor, $400,Authentic Joe Williams Jersey, for a casino boat license. DeBartolo avoided jail time but was banished from the NFL for just the 1999 season. However,Authentic Steve Largent Jersey, beloved San Francisco 49ers owner and recent inductee to the Pro Football Hall of Fame,Authentic 12th Fan Jersey,Authentic Russell Wilson Jersey,000,Russell Wilson Jersey,Richard Sherman Jersey, he decided not to return to the team, handing over power to Denise York.

Back to the present

whether league wants to admit it or not. Roger Goodell and the commissioners before him have all hidden behind the “integrity” of the league. When it is not so much about integrity for the NFL,The point is that gambling has been a foundation for the league, but about money.

who was a supervisor at the Caesars Palace sports book in the 80’s. In this story,A Sporting News story from 2014 introduced us to Rich Baccellieri, he outlines what he felt was the true motivating factor for the NFL.

The NFL can’t be too much against gambling when in the late 1980s, it’s illegal to bet on games. Instead, the NFL said you guys have to pay for that. They could have said, when the Nevada casinos were getting free feeds from satellite dishes, they said you owe us a fee. It’s hypocritical. They’re not against gambling, they’re against not making money.

if the NFL is not getting a piece of the action, it violates the integrity of the league. Sports books take nearly $4 Billion in bets a year, with half of that coming from professional and college football. The NFL knows this and they know that gambling is the lifeblood of the expansion of the game. It is the reason why the NFL has injury reports. Not for fair play on the field,In other words, but in the casinos.
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