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The most important factor affecting the stability of the floor is the nature of the raw material itself and the processing level. Different materials have different density, hardness, and the level of processing technology will also affect the final product moisture content, wear resistance, paint adsorption and other factors outdoor waterproof deck . The wood floor products of the long, wide, the thickness of its stability will have a certain impact. In general, under the same conditions, the thickness of the thicker the more stable, that is, the more easily deformed. Floor deformation is generally the product itself, construction, and external environmental temperature changes and humidity and other factors hi density plastic flooring . For example, the moisture content is too low, the back groove is too shallow, the construction of the expansion of the gap is not enough feet, laying too tight, the ground moisture measures improper, rainy weather too heavy, sun exposure, temperature caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Thicker and more difficult to deformation: the impact of wood floor thickness on the stability of the main increase in the thickness of the floor to enhance the structural strength, not prone to stress and deformation. When the tread on the floor, due to the concentration of force, the relatively thin floor is likely to lead to changes in the floor structure recyclable wood composite floor , that is, deformation and bending, long years of gravity will have a certain impact, and the increase in floor thickness can increase the wood floor Of the structural strength, and enhance the endurance of the floor, effectively resist the deformation of the floor caused by bending. Moreover, if the floor due to lack of strength is often in the bending straight deformation, it is easy to cause the floor surface wrinkling and cracking, so the thicker the floor, the better the surface stability.

The thickness of the floor and the impact of thermal expansion and contraction is not: the floor because it is wood products, with the absorption of the trees themselves, if the floor around the humidity is too large, the floor will be because of excessive water and expansion, deformation. So most of the wood flooring products such as paint and other moisture-proof process, and the installation also need to pay attention to the ground pavement moisture-proof film and other measures to reduce the impact of moisture on the floor composite decking resellers in tulsa . The increase in the thickness of the wood floor can also be more effective against moisture intrusion inside the floor, reducing the deformation of the floor caused by moisture. The impact of thermal expansion and contraction on the wooden floor is mainly reflected in the long width of the above, which is installed when the need to leave a certain gap reasons, and for only about twenty millimeters of thickness, the impact is minimal.
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